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Time and Attendance with uPunch


This training will start you off with some basic terminology and theory of how punch clock time management works. We will discuss pay period choices and the potential pitfalls when adding times for payroll.

From there we will progress into setup training for the HN3000 punch clock. Our simplest and fastest punch clock for the customer wanting simplicity and reliability.

Next is the HN4000, a calculating punch clock that saves time by making payroll calculations, including overtime and lunch breaks.

Finally, this training will guide you through some setup scenarios and test your skills with a short quiz.

Processing Point is glad to have you in this training. We encourage you to take your time and absorb this information. Your training coordinator, team leads and fellow techs are here to help you if something needs more explanation. Your success is our goal.


  • Welcome
  • Pay Periods
  • Counting Time
  • When 10 + 10 = 0.33333
  • Employee Exemptions, Overtime and You
  • Semi-Monthly Overtime
  • Semi-Monthly Overtime Video
  • End of Theory
  • uPunch Setup and Use
  • uPunch Time Clock System
  • HN1000/3000 Time settings
  • Set year, date, time etc.
  • HN1000/3000 Pay Period Settings
  • Pay Period Settings for the HN1000/3000
  • HN3000 Test Setup
  • HN3 Menu - it's the same for all models.
  • Menu HN4 - Column shifting
  • Menu HN5 - Ink Color
  • Introducing the HN4000
  • HN2000/4000 Pay Period Setting Menu (HN2)
  • HN2000/4000 HN2 Menu continued
  • Menu HN2 - Continued
  • HN2000/4000 Pay Period Settings
  • HN3, HN4, HN5 Menus
  • Understanding Time Cards
  • Forcing calculations on the HN4000
  • Card Punching Tutorial
  • Time Card Example
  • HN4000 Error Codes
  • uPunch Quiz
  • uPunch Portal - Part 1
  • uPunch Portal - Part 2
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed